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Presas Ocampo Rosado

Nuevo embase rosado (alimentacion) mini

Grape Variety: Listan negro 100%

Features: Harvest is carried out into 20 kg crates, around the month of September. The best grapes are selected, de-esteemed and stored during 16 hours at 10-12º C. After pressed, the must is racked at 10º C for 24 hours. Fermentation takes place in stainless-steel barrels with controlled temperatures between 18-20º C. Afterwards, it is clarified, cold stabilized, and finally bottled.

Tasting Notes: Clean and bright, with violaceous tones. Blackberry and raspberry aromas. Soft and gentle attack, highlighting intense fresh fruits.

Food Pairing: This wine pairs well with rices, pastas, and white fish. Best served at 6-10º C. Store horizontally in a cool place. Consume within 1 year.



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