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Learn to enjoy good wine (Part 3): strive to the ideal temperature

Learn to enjoy good wine (Part 3): strive to the ideal temperature

We continue with this series of posts we have entitled “Learn to enjoy good wine” and this time, in this third mini-lesson, we will talk about the ideal temperature depending wines.

If we are able to distinguish broadly three types of wine (red, rose and white) is easily understandable that each present some peculiarities both in flavor and in their body and thus the temperature is an external constraint that will the experience of drinking each wine varies depending on temperature colder or warmer. Each wine has to be at a particular temperature in order to extract the best flavor and that’s why then we will give a small and simple guide to what temperatures, generally ought, to serve different types of wine to your guests or yourself, if applicable:

Red wine: 20-25 °C, ie, room temperature.

Rose wine: not lower than 7 °C, that is to say, cool slightly and that below this temperature it spoils the taste.

White wine: must always be within 5 °C to enjoy it fullness.

As a final recommendation, we recommend consuming the strongest wines approximately 10 days after opening and light, for about three days after being uncorked wines.


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