Presas Ocampo is a black wine made mostly with indigenous varietals, listán grapes, grape negramoll accompanied by some other variety in small amounts, harvested in September and October. And a garnet red wine is obtained, with violet hues, blue and cherry. With good tear, on average, clean and bright. Its bouquet is clean, with rich primary aromas typical of black listán variety. On the upside, it offers a good structure in protruding floral and mineral tones. Its aftertaste is exquisite and remember the varietal aromas. It is, in itself, a clean, round and elegant wine.


Viñedos Presas Ocampo

El sugar vineyards and vineyard crops were first introduced to the Spaniards on the island. Tenerife’s excellent climate, tempered by the trade winds, made this island, especially in the area of ​​Tacoronte, the ideal for the production of quality wines place, which, in the sixteenth and seventeenth century, reached such high prestige they were sued by the most cosmopolitan markets of Europe and America. Domingo López Arvelo, field lover man and wine, recalls how his ancestors told him that in the oldest part of what is now the winery Dams Ocampo, his family and was dedicated to making fine wines which at that time were almost as a luxury that not everyone could afford, in this way and the regulation of the sector, in the 80s it began to work again by the Canarian wines, and from that moment it was as slowly and with everything in affection the world, this adventure began with winemaker wine, but it was from the year 1990 with the entry into the Regulatory Board Tacoronte-Acentejo when the winery was truly the growth that has placed today as one of the most important the island with the greatest projection.

the winery

The winery Presa Ocampo is due to the clear commitment of the entrepreneur Tacoronte Mr. Domingo López Arvelo, which after many years dedicated to the business world, begins to feel the need to return to its origins, to his childhood. For those years in which he learned from his father the care and respect for the land. Mr. Domingo López, son, grandson and great-grandson of winemakers, from childhood is bamboozled into the world of wine culture. The hard work of the vineyard (completely handmade in those years), morning icy Tacoronteras are enlivened by sips of wine, fruit of the earth, sweat, work and the painstaking care devoted to it all year, and it looked so much effort rewarded. Those memories, that attachment to the land and traditions are what lead to Mr. Domingo López to resume the activity that you both linked to his father, to the land and wine. With the knowledge of traditional production, and engaging local varieties technological advances starts one of the most modern wineries Canaries, with the intention of obtaining the wine that best remember the old.


The winery Dams Ocampo, is a family winery Canarian typical simple structure, well known for the traditional architecture of the area, taking advantage of reduced temperature that provides the burial, it was decided to bury most of the facilities for processing and maturing wine. On the other hand, building on ground level, reinterprets the construction of warehouses shaped ship.


Presas Ocampo has a warehouse, from different denominations, different in shape, but very similar in depth: The quest for quality above all else.

So Presas Ocampo, has a winery in the heart Tacoronte (S / C de Tenerife) where its famous reds of aging and the aged are made.


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