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Presas Ocampo Blanco Seducción

Nuevo embase Blanco Seduccion mini

Grape Variety: Listan blanco, Muscat, Malvasia

Features:  Harvest is carried out in 20 kg crates between the months of September and October. The best grapes are handpicked and de-esteemed before being stored during 24 hours, at 8-10º C. Then they are lightly pressed, before the resulting must is racked for 12 hours at 10º C. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, at controlled temperatures of 18-20º C, until reaching levels of 19-23 g/L RS. Afterwards, clarified, cold stabilized, and finally bottled.

Tasting Notes: Pale yellow coloured with greenish reflections, clean and bright. Tropical fruits, jam, sweet notes. Gentle and fresh attack. Good acidity, in proper balance with its sweetness. Tasty finish.

Food Pairing: This wine pairs well with seafood, soft and semi-hard cheeses, and spiced fish. Best served at 8-12º C. Store horizontally in a cool place. Consume within 1 year.


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